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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Favorite style of art: Sketches, anime

Wallpaper of choice: Abstract

Favorite cartoon character: Saber - Fate Stay Night

Personal Quote: No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness. Aristotle


OC - Zana Artis by ArchonofFate
OC - Zana Artis
Name: Zana

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Birth Year: 1351ep
Birthplace: Orith
Sign: Shadow

* Fast Reflexes

(1-10. 1 being incompetent. 10 being flawless)

Strength - 3
Dexterity - 8
Intelligence - 6
Wisdom - 4
Charisma - 8

    Lossa Artis (Mother)    (Missing)
    Kordin Artis (Father)    (Deceased)

Current Residence: Azshata
Profession: Espionage Agent for Azshata

    Idealistic and fun-loving yet Vengeful. Often liking to help people rather but not above harming what she determines as "her enemy" (possibly though her ideals?) She aims to protect but when faced with loss has developed a more vengeful side Especially to the neighboring countries Hilgas and Carnas for causing her and her country so much harm.
Story So Far:
    Zana for the majority of her life lived a small peaceful hamlet. Her idealistic nature though would soon push her from her home as a war erupted in the country when she was 16. She joined the guard thinking that she'd somehow try to put an end to the war, not just because of the devastation it was causing, but also because the thought of something happening to her hometown and those in it terrified her. She would continue to fight in the war for six more years doing mainly espionage work for her country, trying to figure out the cause of the war and sabotage the enemies ability to attack. Through it all the war was starting to take a turn for the better. However she couldn't stop what she most feared; an attack on her town. The attack destroyed most of the town and she lost her family as well. After dealing with the aftermath she has not to this day returned to her home, perhaps it's out of fear or failure that keep her away. All we know is she is still fighting out there in the war that has cost her so much.

Codex Entry: The Wartorn East

   Few areas of the known world are as turbulent as the Wartorn East of the Broken Peninsula. Constantly locked in dispute with one another the lords of the broken kingdoms wage civil war over their lost empire. Once united centuries ago the provinces of the east have long forgotten their love for one another and now seek only conquest. To the North resides the State of Carnas whom seek the more fertile lands to the south to benefit their kingdom, they have many times invaded the lower kingdoms of the south and are a constant threat to all.
    To the east resides The Kingdom of Azshata, regularly locked in battle with Carnas their strength lies not in their armies but in their assassins. Many times has their army been used as a distraction as the unknowing Carnasus Generals been executed by an unknown source. Their willing to watch and wait is what makes Azshata a terrifying force.  
    Finally the Kindom of Hilgas whom being the most southern of the states draws much influence from the Necromancer Empire of Nzervic is constantly building their undead armies to use on both other states, which has lead to both other countries burning their dead after a large battle. It's hard to say what the ultimate goal of Hilgas is but being close to Nzervic they will most likely turn out as malicious and mysterious as the empire is.
    Whom ever wins the conflict gains the attention of the West whom while revering peace ultimately dread the day of another unified East.

   -Scholar Calothe, Monk of Light

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